Lexington, to every single human being on this rock, will appear as an older, streamlined gentleman. He has brilliantly red hair and that is the most extraordinary thing about him aside from his massive ego. 

To those who have a supernatural tie, or come straight from the pits of hell, they see him as a towering hell hound. He has mixes of Tibetan Mastiff, causing him to have a gratuitous amount of fur collecting around his neck. His four eyes are almost always trained on you if he is not working, and his fangs and tusks are really something to be afraid of. 

Personality wise, he would much rather you state your business and move on so he doesn’t have to waste precious breath on you. If you push past this cold, hard front you will see that he will call for your presence more and more. 
Or, if he cares not for you, he will ask you to sign something and without you knowing, you just sold him your everlasting soul.

He seems to have everlasting patience and tolerance for many things, but that is by far no reason to trust this man. He has been known to snap on a dime and kill someone on the spot simply because they said something that went against his ideals or opinions. 

Approach the desk with caution and speak your mind and hope Lexington takes pity on you and your case.